Want to party in Belgrade?
These are the best winter nightclubs!

Winter season of Belgrade nightlife starts from October and end is in May.

Opening of the winter nightlife season in Belgrade

Hot summer days are behind us, and autumn brings cooler and windier weather in Belgrade. The beginning of autumn also marks the end of the summer nightlife season in the capital and the beginning of a new winter season. The rafts are slowly closing their doors, and moving into their winter variants. You don’t have to worry – all the clubs and pubs you enjoyed during the warm days are just changing their locations and names. The great time and top parties remain the same.

Here is what the offer of nightlife awaits us in the winter nightlife season in Belgrade.


It is known that Belgrade is a city that never sleeps. Besides being the capital of Serbia, this city is also the capital of good entertainment for the entire region. Although the weekend is prime time for night outs, in Belgrade you can party until dawn every day of the week.

Belgrade’s nightlife has two seasons – summer and winter.


The winter nightlife season begins with the last jolts of summer. Rafting on the river usually closes in the middle and end of September, but there have been cases where the summer season lasts until the end of October. The longer the summer lasts, the later the winter season starts.

As has been said, most Belgrade bars have their winter and summer versions. This means that on colder days you can enjoy the indoor space of your favorite club, and in the summer you can spend time on the raft of the same club outdoors. The whole team in charge of good parties usually doesn’t change, so the time in one club/tavern is of the same quality during the winter and summer months.

Clubs that will mark the winter nightlife season in Belgrade

The quality of the clubs in Belgrade can be compared to many well-known bars in the world. This is supported by the fact that the Belgrade club The Bank was declared the best club in Eastern Europe.

Due to the fact that the competition is very strong, their quality increases year by year, in accordance with world trends. Belgrade clubs use the most modern lighting, sound and air conditioning systems, and each one is decorated in an interesting and very modern design. Clubs in Belgrade are divided based on the music they play – into clubs with foreign music and clubs with domestic music.

In Belgrade clubs that play foreign music, you will have the opportunity to listen to the best domestic and foreign DJs. Such clubs sometimes have performances by well-known local rappers and hip hoppers, and the usual genre of music you can hear in Belgrade clubs is House, RnB, Hip Hop and Rap. Of course, also the hits that marked the nineties, since they never go out of fashion. Each night is thematically determined, so you can choose exactly the day to spend time with the hits of your favorite music.

The best Belgrade clubs with foreign music that will be current this winter:

Club The Bank – Officially the best club in all of Eastern Europe, it offers phenomenal parties that can be the envy of world-famous clubs. You will never regret booking a seat at The Bank Club, as a fantastic night out is guaranteed here. The summer version of this club is the raft The Money. Club Mr Stefan Braun – Spending time in this club is something you will talk about for years. The special energy, the best cocktails in town and the top music are just some of the reasons why club Mr Stefan Braun is always a great choice for a crazy time until dawn. This is also the only club where it is quite common for bartenders, as well as guests, to drink at the bar. This club does not have its summer version in Belgrade, but moves to the Montenegrin coast, to be more precise in Budva. Club Hype – If you enjoyed spending time on the Leto raft, you will like the fact that there is a winter version. So the good time doesn’t stop, it just moves to the Hype club. This is one of the youngest clubs in Belgrade, opened last winter season, which quickly won over everyone with its quality and great parties, and became one of the favorite places to go out in Belgrade.

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