Welcome to Belgrade

The only city in Europe that is built on the confluence of two rivers – the Danube and the Sava, Belgrade is the city that never sleeps and the symbol of great nightlife. Floating clubs on its rivers have become synonyms for great parties and neverending fun, and Skadarlija, the bohemian street, for a place where music and singing can be heard until dawn.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and with population of about 1.7 million people is an administrative, political and cultural center of the country. The sessions of Serbian parliament and government are being held in Belgrade, and the office of the President is also in it. The buildings that host these institutions are themselves monuments of great cultural importance and therefore a part of every visitor’s itinerary.

All the people that have lived here and the armies that passed through Belgrade have left their marks on the city, and the magnificent Victor monument, the remains of the Belgrade fortress, the Stambol gate, the Old Palace and many other sites of Belgrade are inviting you to discover them. The seats of numerous international companies can be found there, but also major shopping malls and the Belgrade Arena – the largest hall in the Balkans – that has already hosted some world famous events like the Eurosong contest, Summer Universiade, Davis cup finals…

Belgrade is most famous for its nightlife especially to young people. Here you can find your own place of joy no matter what kind of music you prefer, how much money you have or what kind of food you like to eat. There is something for everybody: from modern restaurants, “splavs” (floating river clubs), alternative music clubs and theatres to famous “kafanas” (traditional Serbian taverns) of Skadarlija.
One of Belgraders’ most popular excursion destinations is mount Avala. Avala is located not far from the city. The other is Ada Ciganlija, a peninsula with a promenade and a beach that surround the lake in the center. It is a perfect destination to cool down during hot summer days.

City of Belgrade is by no means a ‘pretty’ capital, but its gritty exuberance makes it one of Europe’s most happening cities. To this day, this metropolis manages to surprise not only tourists, but the people who spend every day walking its streets.

The first cafe in Europe

According to many historians, the first tavern in Europe was opened in one of the oldest parts of Belgrade, Dorcol in 1522. This establishment served only black coffee, and that is supposedly how this Serbian institution got its name – “kafana”

A city underneath the city

Belgrade has so many secrets, but one of them hides just below the surface. More than one hundred caves, tunnels and passages tell the story of its connection to various empires that ruled over the ages. As such, underground Belgrade has always attracted tremendous attention. Roman halls and aqueducts but also Tito’s secrets as well those of Communist Information Bureau spies – you can find them all underneath Belgrade.