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VIP nighlife packages

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These packages are made to measure for all our guests who were in Belgrade before and who had a phenomenal time.

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you get a chance to get bottles for free, depends on package! 🥳

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    Vip tables 👑

    Having a VIP desk in Belgrade, in addition to its expensive, lots of fun. The VIP tables offered at all Belgrade clubs are phenomenal tables at the heart of the party. You can invite anyone you want to your table and party Hard.

    Don’t get confused, having a VIP desk in most cities around the world can be super boring because you would stay away from the action. In Belgrade, by contrast, you are in a party with a VIP table, connected with other people at the party and look like you are the king of the party because of your spot!

    Don’t be surprised, people in Belgrade hang out around clubs and meet people and invite them to join their tables to have fun together.


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