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When Bank Bank Belgrade opened, it was given a modern place to go, gathering lovers of quality fun.

With its ambience and service, Club Bank offers a unique experience of real jet-set fun, glamor and absolute chic, with the highest quality RnB sounds to give you an amazing nightlife experience!

In addition to being a worshiper of the Belgraders, the Bank is a favorite departure point for many tourists who represent the capital of Serbia.

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Why go to the Bank club?

Because you love good music, a large selection of drinks, and a company that craves until dawn.

This is exactly what The Bank Club offers visitors.

Does the fact that members of the domestic and world jet set spend here speak enough?

We will just remind you that Jason Derulo also played at The Bank Club, and by the way he performed some of his biggest hits.

After you go to The Bank, you will be happy to share your pictures on social networks, and there will always be smiling and cheerful people beside you, unburdened by anything.

It is time for good and quality, real urban clubbing. 🤟😎🤟

The urban city club The Bank Belgrade

The Bank Club opened in 2016 and already has great seasons behind it, known for having a great time and satisfied guests. 

The success of this club is mainly due to the great music and modern interior, thanks to which he received the title of urban city club.

The interior of the Bank club

he most attractive location has been singled out for the Bank Belgrade club, and no less attractive is the interior of this club. – Arranged in accordance with the latest trends.

The Bank has numerous bar tables and high seating as well as booths, with a capacity of 400 people.

Every night at this club you will be surrounded by a lot of fans of a good party.

Who goes out to the Bank

The Bank Belgrade Club is intended for all those who know how to recognize a good time and enjoy it to the fullest.

In their own way. Right on the coast. As the name implies, but if you feel you prefer the translation “bank”, head to the Bank to “monetize” your guarantee of a good time


Club Bank Belgrade - Services who are expected to you

Each stay at this fabulous place will be an unforgettable experience, because in addition to quality music, there is a friendly and professional staff here.

Many years of clubbing experience, who will always strive to make your evening as enjoyable as possible.

You can choose any place of Bank Club and you will always be in the center of great fun and all events.

The rates are standard for clubs of this caliber, and ideal for smaller and larger groups planning to enjoy an evening of quality bar service.

What The Bank Club also provides to its visitors is a large selection of top quality alcoholic beverages.

Numerous beers, wines and a wide variety of cocktails are definitely what the Bank Club boasts.

The Bank club music
a modern sound in the hearth of Belgrade

With The Bank Club Belgrade got the first real RnB club, and so is the emphasis on RnB music, which will be in charge of experienced Belgrade DJs, known for their excellent RnB and electro sets.

This genre of music is very popular not only among local clubbers, but also to many visitors who come here to recharge their batteries, and yet to experience quality sets in an authentic setting.

Work time of Bank club ⏰

Another reason Belgraders and tourists adore this club is its opening hours, which give you the opportunity to warm up at home and continue on to the best party in town. Here you can always have a great time from midnight until four in the morning.

The Bank works 3 days in a row. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Party start at 00:00 and end around 5am.

We have an exciting and memorable season ahead of us, which will definitely set new standards on the domestic club scene. 

So do not miss the opportunity to visit the Bank Club and feel the real excitement that will overwhelm you at the entrance.

Before you head to the Bank Club, make reservations quickly and easily with Belgrade at night, and do not forget that you will find the pictures from the nightlife in Belgrade in the next few days, which you will surely find.

The Bank club - pricelist

Location of the Bank club and how to get there 📍

Where is The Bank Club located? One of the most urban city clubs is located on the Sava dock, at Karadjordjeva 2-4.

Located in an attractive location, this club brings together all lovers of quality RnB and electronic sound in one place.

In the immediate vicinity of the club there are more popular places to go, Freestyler winter stage, Club Hype and Toro Restaurant.

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