The best summer night clubs in Belgrade

The summer season in Belgrade begins in early May and ends in October.

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With the superb entertainment offered by the rafts, Belgrade won the title of a city known for its nightlife and going out until the morning. For tourists who visit the capital of Serbia, Splavovi in Belgrade is just as important as the Pobednik, the Assembly or the 25th of May Museum, the Nikola Tesla Museum or Skadarlija, as are the pubs in Belgrade or the notoriously high-quality restaurants in Belgrade.

For the residents of the capital, on the other hand, the Belgrade rafts during the warmer part of the year in a way represent a routine, because it is hard to imagine a weekend during the summer without the music and cocktails offered by the numerous Belgrade rafts.

Whether you like local or foreign music, the fun on the river is waiting for you. With Belgrade at night rafts according to your taste are available to you very quickly and easily, so you are only a few clicks or a phone call away from having a crazy time!

Raft reservations in Belgrade – fast access to the craziest party in the city
With Belgrade, rafts are available at night with just one call or message, and we have also made online reservations available for you. You can make reservations through our customer Call Center on the numbers 069 – 576 – 5360.

Why are raft reservations necessary?
Without a reservation, the rafts will be more difficult to access, and the reason is solely and only the great interest in this type of outing. Rafts in Belgrade are extremely popular, so the capacities are mostly filled from the beginning of the party.

If you come with a group of people, you must have a reservation, because it is difficult to find a free table. If the road hits you, you might somehow get in and find a seat at the bar, but without a reservation, you risk inconvenience, instead of enjoying the complete experience and an unforgettable time that begins at the entrance door itself.

Reservations are free, but required. If you follow us regularly, you will always be the first to find out all the most important information related to Belgrade’s nightlife.

What are rafts and what makes them so special?
It is known that Belgrade clubs are divided into winter and summer clubs. Winter clubs are indoors, while summer clubs feature a more open space, which visitors adore. The view of the river and the sky provides a sense of freedom, and contributes to the hot summer atmosphere.

Summer clubs run from May to October and are popularly called rafts or river clubs. The rafts are located on the Sava River, and stretch all the way to the bridge on the Ada, and beyond. The most famous ones are located around the Branko and Sava bridges.

Belgrade rafts are a symbol of the capital during the summer, and its major tourist attraction. Everyone who has ever been to Belgrade had to experience the fun on one of the rafts, and there is a large number of visitors from abroad who come here precisely to experience the nightlife offered by the rafts in Belgrade.

Belgrade rafts – what does the interior look like, and how are their visitors?
As we mentioned, as a summer version of the clubs offered by Belgrade, the rafts are distinguished by their more open space (some rafts are completely open), and therefore also the beautiful view of the rivers and the Belgrade night in its full glory.

The interior of Splavov Belgrade is modernly decorated, and you can sit in booths, on high seats or at the bar table. Of course, the bar is always an option, a favorite for some, but wherever you sit, don’t worry – the waiters with cocktails and shots will not let you out of their sight, and you will always have a drink of your choice at the table.

Rafts do not have a podium, so it is better to rent a more intimate and closed section of the raft for yourself or simply lean on the bar and let the waiters make you exotic cocktails.

Dress code prescribed by Belgrade rafts
As with most bars in Belgrade, you need to dress elegantly for the rafts. Men usually opt for a shirt or a jacket, while the rafts in Belgrade are real fashion runways for girls, so they come dressed up, on high heels, and attract the attention of all the guests.

The rafts are frequented by the most attractive girls, so be prepared to take your breath away. It is also known that the most beautiful pictures are from the galleries of pictures from nightlife in Belgrade, and the pictures from the rafts always stand out thanks to the well-dressed guests. See for yourself.

Music on rafts in Belgrade – a choice for everyone’s taste
It is music that is an important factor on the basis of which a certain raft is claimed to be the best raft in Belgrade – for lovers of local music, it will be rafts with local performers, while some will enjoy spending time on the river with a DJ.

Absolutely all the music on the rafts in Belgrade is here to ensure you have a great time. All musical genres are represented, but according to the interests of the audience and visitors, some may be more represented than others.

River and Port by Community, for example, mostly bring local artists, while the other rafts have their own RnB, house, Pop evenings. Well-known taverns on the water are there for a little folk sound, and these are primarily Na Vodi Kafana, Uzbuna, etc.