Serbian Traditional Cuisine

Serbian Traditional Cuisine

Traditional cuisine of Serbia is combination of tastes and smells, much owing to the mixture of influences of various peoples who were living in this region. Today a rich Serbian table offers unforgettable tastes that can only be enjoyed in Serbia.

Serbian cuisine is a mixture of Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Hungarian cuisine and it’s characterized by highly diverse, solid and spicy food. The use of meat is predominant in it.

Serbian specialties you have to taste are burek, gibanica, grilled meat, roast, Karadjordjeva steak, goulash, djuvec, moussaka, muckalica, sarma, podvarak, cvarci, kajmak, pršuta and sour milk.

A plum, considered a national fruit in Serbia, out of which a well-known rakia – Slivovitz is brewed, has, in a way, become one of the symbols of Serbia. If you like drinking than you need to try this.

For many of the Serbian national cuisine specialties there isn’t a right word in the foreign language dictionaries, nor is there a taste they can be compared to. Therefore it is best that you come and taste them yourself. Enjoy your staying.