New Belgrade – party and business district

New Belgrade – party and business district

New Belgrade is a municipality of the city of Belgrade and the central business district in Serbia and one of the major ones in Southeast Europe. It was built since 1948 in a previously uninhabited area on the left bank of the Sava river. In the past years it has become the central business district of Belgrade and its fastest developing area. It has modern infrastructure and larger available spaces and with over 200000 inhabitants it is the second most populous municipality of Serbia.

New Belgrade offers rich night life along the banks of Sava and Danube, right up to the point where the two rivers meet. What started mostly as raft-like clubs now it’s expanded into large floats offering great parties, live music, food and drink. While most of the floats used to be synonymous with turbo folk in what was essentially a stereotypical kafana setting, a recent trend saw many turned into full-fledged clubs on water with elaborate events involving world-famous DJs spinning live music.

The Symbol of New Belgrade is the Western City Gate – locally known as “Genex” or “Genex Tower”, resembling what one assumes aliens would have designed if they were involved in the New Belgrade construction boom.

Also, there is a Belgrade’s Museum of Contemporary Art, along with the huge Sava Center and Ušće Tower. It isn’t all buildings of course, and the Park of Friendship is a large green expanse along the bank of the Danube. The Eternal Flame is nearby, erected in memory of the many innocent civilians who lost their lives during NATO’s bombing campaign in 1999.

In New Belgrade you can find some of the best restaurants and parks in the entire city. Visitors who decide against venturing to the left bank of the Sava River are condemning themselves to a life without Belgrade’s best food and arguably its most genuine experience. If you decide to move to Belgrade and want to be surrounded by restaurants, all night parties, and walking spots in the city, than New Belgrade is the place for you.