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Leto Club in Belgrade is the most beautiful spot on the Sava river. – Tropicar bar on the river

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What types of tables do
Leto club have?

Bar table - from 100 €

-Standing table
-1 bottle min spent
- Waiter

mini lounge - from 200 €

- Entry
- Small sofa
- Waiter
- 1 premium bottle

from 400 €

- VIP Entry
- Sofa table
- Host
- Personal waiter
- 2 premium bottles

Lux vip -
from 600 €

- VIP Entry
- Central biggest sofa
- Host
- Personal waiter
- 4 premium bottles

Why VIP is the best solution to have a best time at Leto nightclub ?

VIP Sofa

Comfortable sofa in VIP area.

2 premium bottles

2 premium bottles in start.

Personal waiter

Personal waiter just for you.

Beautiful girls

Beautiful girls around you.


Host to help if you need anything else in the club.

leto belgrade vip table
Welcome to the most popular summer boat club in Belgrade - LETO!
First R'n'B club in belgrade

Interior of the Leto club

Club Leto Belgrade is paying homage to a tropical bar. The club’s beautiful setting is found in an equally beautiful location within the capital. This club in an exceedingly very short time managed to draw in the eye of all fans of fine parties. Everyone of this can be contributed by the most effective DJs performing here in Belgrade. For this reason, at night, Belgrade recognizes Leto as a must-visit place and an area that may surely. Big potential it’s cemented its place at the highest of Belgrade clubbing very quickly.
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Money back guarantee
money back guarante

In a case, that you don’t like the club or you just want to leave,
we will refund all your money, to the last cent.

Location of
Leto Belgrade nightclub

+381 69 576 5360

The interior that adorns the Leto club

This summer oasis is well connected to the town center, so you’ll be able to have a drink even on busy days. 

The inside is modern with slightly of sophistication, with plenty of greenery. The whole concept justifies its name – “Leto” – summer.

The ambiance of this club could be a reasonably fusion of urban and chic, and it’s no wonder why all visitors to Leto raft fall soft on with this unusual design initially glance. 

Adding thereto is that the boiling atmosphere, the wonderful party crew, additionally because of the great music repertoire.

There’s little doubt that the strongest party within the city is reserved for the Leto night club.

leto belgrade
Who's coming to the
Leto club ?

Leto Belgrade club is a favorite place for many young urban people to go. They all know how to have a good time and who know what a good party means.

Tthe music program has rafted to a world level.🔊

If you look at our gallery and look at the Leto club pictures you will find that this place gathers urban lovers of quality electro beat. 

The audience going out to Leto club is mostly young, attractive people who want the most out of every date and who know that this raft manages to afford them.

Come to the Leto nightclub and enjoy the magic of a crazy, tropical adventure in the heart of Belgrade.  🔥 🔥 🔥

leto club belgrade
Work time of Leto club ⏰

The Summer raft is open 4 days a week and runs from  23: 30h to 05: 00h.

On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, all the visitors of the club will be entertained by the best local DJs who are guaranteed a crazy and fun all night long.

On Sundays, the club works the same term and the program has the best “matinee”. – Parties that always attract all those real clubbers.

Be sure to visit the Leto Club this summer and enjoy the best time in the city.

 Book your place for free through our site and indulge in all the magic that Summer raft has to offer. +381 69 576 5360

leto belgrade night club
Leto club - parking in the vicinity of the raft

If you decide to skip alcohol that evening and head to your favorite place to go by car, you can completely relax as you won’t have to wander around the city looking for a parking spot.

The great advantage of this raft lies in the fact that there is a large parking.

Lot in its immediate vicinity, so you do not have to worry about your car or the famous hassle of finding a place.

If you drink we reccomend best option for you, we will call driver or taxi service for you. 

Just text us +381 69 576 5360.


Location of Leto club and how to get there? 🗺

The increasingly popular nightlife venue in Belgrade, the Fair Quay, has been stepped up in the form of the original and unusual Leto Club.

This raft is located at Boulevard Vojvode Misica bb, and this Summer raft address is recognizable to all those experienced clubbers and people who cultivate a cult of a good time as the place where the best parties take place.

Now the team with the best Belgrade clubs, such as the Money, Lasta and Bridge, has also been joined by Leto club, so there is no doubt that this summer will be hotter than ever before.

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