We offer the best discounts on bottle service in Belgrade nightclubs.
You can see the most popular below.
On request, we are creating special packages just for you and your friends.

The forbes list 100

- 1x Grey goose 3L
- 3x Dom Perignon Rose 0.75L
- 10 Red Bull
- Gratis 1x Dom Perignon Rose 0.75L

Alliance Attack

- 5x Dom Perignon Luminous
- Gratis 1x Dom Perignon Luminous

Golden Dozen

- 12x Bottega
- Gratis 2x Bottega

The Flock

- 5x Grey goose 0,75L
- Gratis 1x Grey Goose + 6 Red Bulls

Champagne shower

- 5x Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut 0,75L
- Gratis 1x Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut 0,75L

Holy Trinity

- 1x Grey goose 0,75L
- 1x Chivas Regal 12 Y.O 0.75L
- 1x Mum Cordon Rouge 0,75L
- Gratis 10x Red Bulls, 6x Coca Cola

Booking by one of these offers, you are getting all of the following services below

VIP Sofa

Comfortable sofa in VIP area.

Bottles waiting for you

2 premium bottles in start.

Personal waiter

Personal waiter just for you.

Beautiful girls

Beautiful girls around you.


Host to help if you need anything else in the club.

vip table at freestyler belgrade night club
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money back guarante

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