Where is The Best Nightlife in Belgrade?

Explore the best bars, dance floors on flame, and exclusive river parties and meet the crazy nightlife of Belgrade. Immerse in a night of freedom and positive energy in Europe’s hidden gem of nightlife. Your unforgettable Serbian adventure starts here!

Belgrade Nightlife is something different!

Have you ever felt the pulse of Belgrade’s night beating in sync with your heart? Imagine the streets buzzing with energy as dusk falls, and the city lights start flicking on, calling out to night owls and party enthusiasts. But if you are new in town I’m sure you wonder where is the best nightlife in Belgrade. Well, you have luck!

Located in the capital of Serbia, spending a lot of time partying, and going night out we will tell you everything about the Best Nightclubs in Belgrade. Belgrade’s nightlife is a vibrant culture that has evolved with the city’s history.

Let’s discover why many whisper that Belgrade hosts the best nightlife in Europe. Get ready to Rumble!

Nightlife in Belgrade, Serbia - History and Today's Nightlife

Belgrade’s nightlife has a colorful tapestry woven with threads from its past.

Historically, the city has been a cultural crossroads, where the influences of the East and West have shaped its architecture traditions, and music. In bygone eras, the city’s taverns and inns were bustling hubs of social activity, where travelers from all parts of the world might get shelter.

Just imagine that the same streets that witnessed the silence of curfews now echo with nightlights, music, dance, and laughter. Fast forward to today, and Belgrade’s nightlife has evolved to become one of the city’s most defining features. It’s a unique blend of traditional hospitality and modern dynamism.

From the traditional ‘kafana” with their live ‘tamburitza’ bands playing folk music to the sleek rooftop bars and floating nightclubs “Splavs” on the Sava and Danube rivers, that offer electronic beats under the starry sky.

Foreigners are particularly struck by the warmth and openness of Belgrade’s residents. There’s a spirit of ‘gostoprimstvo’ or hospitality that runs deep in the Serbian psyche, making visitors feel like honored guests rather than outsiders.

The city’s nightlife is a cultural phenomenon that showcases the Serbian way of life, where enjoyment and fellowship are paramount.

The noticeable willingness of Belgradians to embrace the night, dance until dawn, and live with a zest for life is captivating. It’s this indefatigable spirit, a legacy of its historical cultural confluence, that continues to amaze and delight visitors from all over the world.

Is Belgrade Nightlife The Best in Europe?​

The European continent is a mosaic of vibrant nightlife scenes, each offering its unique brand of nocturnal excitement. Cities like Berlin, with its legendary techno clubs, Ibiza’s unparalleled beach parties, the chic nights out in Paris, and the ceaseless buzz of London’s pub culture are all iconic in their own right. However, Belgrade’s nightlife has emerged as a formidable contender for the title of Europe’s best, with several compelling reasons tipping the scales in its favor.

Here's Why Belgrade's Nightlife Shines Above the Rest:

  • Authenticity: While other cities may boast more internationally renowned DJs or iconic venues, Belgrade offers a nightlife experience that’s deeply rooted in the city’s own culture. From the raucous energy of traditional ‘kafanas’ to the underground clubs pulsing with local electronic music, Belgrade delivers an experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere.


  • Affordability: One of Belgrade’s most significant advantages is its affordability. In comparison to the often expensive covers and high drink prices in cities like Paris or London, Belgrade’s nightlife is remarkably budget-friendly, making a night out accessible without compromising quality or fun.


  • Diversity: While Ibiza may be synonymous with dance music and Berlin with techno, Belgrade’s nightlife is characterized by its variety. On any given night, one can swing from a riverside ‘splav’ (floating club) blasting the latest dance hits to a cozy pub in the bohemian Skadarlija district featuring live jazz or rock.


  • Non-stop Entertainment: The party in Belgrade often doesn’t stop until the sun comes up, especially in venues like the renowned Freestyler Belgrade Nightclub or Terassa Lounge. In contrast, many European cities have more stringent closing hours that curb the night early.


  • Hospitality: What truly sets Belgrade apart is its people. The unpretentious and welcoming attitude of locals ensures that visitors are swept up in the revelry, often finding themselves making friends and memories to last a lifetime.


  • Safety and Vibrance: Despite its hearty party scene, Belgrade is known for its safety, allowing night owls to roam and enjoy without the apprehension that might be felt in busier Western capitals.

4. Freestyler Belgrade Nightclub

A true icon of Belgrade's nightlife, Freestyler has been synonymous with unforgettable nights for years. Situated on the riverbank, it provides a picturesque setting that complements the pulsating rhythms within.

This club is famous for its thematic nights, spectacular night shows, and top-tier sound system. The energy here is infectious, with a crowd that's ready to dance at a moment's notice. Freestyler's ability to combine an open-air river experience with the thrill of a dance club makes it a seasonal favorite, especially during the warm summer months.

5. Hot Mess Belgrade Nightclub

Hot Mess is all about letting go and diving into a night of unadulterated fun. This club offers a unique blend of poolside lounging by day and an intense clubbing atmosphere by night. With its chic décor and an inviting pool at the center, Hot Mess is the epitome of a summer party spot.

The club's playlist is a mix of house and pop hits, ensuring that the dance floor is always lively. It's a place where you can enjoy the cool water on a hot night, and then heat the dance floor as the DJ turns up the tempo.

Top Belgrade Bars and Pubs

In the maze of Belgrade’s streets, bars and pubs are the perfect prelude to an unforgettable night out. At Beer Pong Bar Belgrade, challenge friends to a game or two, and if you’re a beer aficionado, Pivara is your haven with its extensive selection of craft beers. Pivara is more than just a bar; it’s an institution for beer lovers.

With a vast selection of local and international brews, Pivara offers a cozy atmosphere where one can enjoy the finer points of hoppy flavors

Beer Pong Belgrade

For a more relaxed vibe, Miners Pub and Gunners Pub provide a cozy backdrop for intimate conversations.

Miners Pub: Nestled in the heart of the city, Miners Pub is known for its extensive selection of craft beers and its rustic décor. It’s a place that pays homage to the hardworking spirit of the city with a warm and welcoming vibe.

Gunners Pub: For football enthusiasts, Gunners Pub is a sanctuary. Adorned with memorabilia, it’s a place where sports and camaraderie meet, and the game is always on.

Top Strip Night Clubs in Belgrade

Best Belgrade strip clubs are well-known for their professional and engaging performances, setting the standard for a high-quality, safe, and enjoyable experience. Dark Angels Club boasts a luxurious interior, with private booths and VIP sections that offer an exclusive atmosphere for patrons. The performers at such clubs are professionals who embody the art of seduction and performance. The atmosphere is charged with allure and mystery, providing a space where fantasies are explored within the boundaries of safety and consent.

Visitors to Belgrade’s erotic nightclubs, like Red Box Premium Gentleman Club or Striptease Club Black Rose, can expect a night of tasteful performances, where the energy of the city’s nightlife continues to pulse through the more risqué veins of entertainment.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply experience something new, these venues offer a slice of Belgrade’s nightlife that is both enigmatic and exhilarating.

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Belgrade Nightlife - conclusion

Belgrade’s nightlife is an ever-changing landscape that mirrors the city’s dynamic and resilient spirit. With an array of venues ranging from serene to electrifying, it’s a place where memories are made, and stories begin. Whether you are swaying to the rhythms in a packed club or toasting to life in a quiet pub, Belgrade invites you to indulge in its nocturnal feast.


1. What time do clubs in Belgrade typically open and close?

Clubs in Belgrade generally open their doors in the late evening, around 10 PM, and the party stretches well into the early morning hours, with most clubs closing at 4 AM or even later. It’s not uncommon for some venues, especially during the peak summer season, to keep the music pumping until the sun comes up. The city’s vibrant nightlife is designed to cater to night owls and party enthusiasts who believe that the night is just as important as the day.

2. Can I find any nightclubs in Belgrade that play traditional Serbian music?

Yes, you can find nightclubs in Belgrade that celebrate the rich tapestry of traditional Serbian music. These clubs, often called ‘kafanas,’ are deeply rooted in the culture and offer a warm, festive atmosphere where live bands play everything from classic Serbian tunes to contemporary Balkan beats. They provide an authentic experience for those looking to immerse themselves in the local sounds and rhythms.

3. Are there any dress codes for the upscale nightclubs in Belgrade?

Upscale clubs in Belgrade do tend to enforce a dress code that leans towards smart-casual or elegant attire. It’s recommended for patrons to dress stylishly to match the sophisticated ambiance of these venues. For men, this could mean collared shirts and dress shoes, while women often opt for chic dresses and heels. It’s always a good idea to check a club’s specific dress code before heading out to ensure entry.

4. Is it safe to go out at night in Belgrade?

Belgrade is generally considered safe for night-time entertainment, with a lively and friendly atmosphere. However, like in any major city, it’s wise to stay aware of your surroundings, stick to well-lit and populated areas, and avoid unlicensed taxis. The local police are usually present in nightlife areas to ensure everyone’s safety, and clubs take security seriously, often having their security staff on site.

5. Do Belgrade clubs cater to international tourists with language support?

Many clubs in Belgrade are accustomed to international tourists and often have staff who can communicate in English. Menus, event flyers, and sometimes even signs are available in English to assist non-Serbian speakers. Additionally, music in clubs, particularly those playing international hits, creates a universal language where everyone can groove together, making language barriers less noticeable.
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