Everything you need to know before your Belgrade trip!
Belgrade has earned its reputation as a city with the best nightlife in the region.
Sure, some cities in the world are very interesting during the summer, because with their beach parties, but that lasts only for few months – but Belgrade doesn’t stop partying during the all year, all seven days of the week.

It doesn’t matter if it’s too cold, or too warm, if it’s raining, snowing, if there is crazy wind or fog – every night in Belgrade is Friday night.
Winter clubs ❄️

There are winter and summer Belgrade clubs.
Winter nightclubs are centrally located, and their season is hectic from October to May.

Belgrade’s most famous winter clubs and restaurants are located in the most popular part of Belgrade – Beton Hall.
Another winter club spot is the Savamala area.

You can see more detailed information here.

Summer clubs 🏖
At the beginning of May, summer clubs are opening, mostly on the river. These are large outdoor rafts converted into discos.
All the most popular places are located on the banks of the Sava River from the Branko’s Bridge to the mouth where the Sava flows into the Danube, the longest river in Europe.
There are Freestyler, Port, Shake n Shake, Lasta..
Open Tuesday through Saturday from 23.00 to 5.00. A true icon of Belgrade nightlife, the Freestyler is one amongst the largest clubs and popular Serbian capital. It located within the most beautiful a part of the town, at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, over the past 10 years has worked hard to become one in every of the simplest clubs in Belgrade. With a contemporary, high-tech interior, The Freestyler is thought for its festivals House, Disc, Hip-hop e R’n’B. And ‘Gentlemen must wear.

Freestyler club

the biggest club in region

freestyler club belgrade
Clubs policy
Belgrade nightclubs are free of charge but reservations are required.
All seats – in addition to the bar, bars, high tables, VIP tables – will be reserved.
It is very important that you enter the club no later than midnight, otherwise, the club has the right to hand over your reservation to someone else.
Difference between European and Belgrade clubs.
Main difference between the usual clubs across Europe and those in Belgrade is that every popular Belgrade club has a bar and VIP tables, and they don’t have dancing floor.

There are tables where you can hardly sit and have fun, invite anyone you want from the club, and even in some clubs you can dance at them. These tables are better known as VIP tables or in the local language “Separe”.

Our job is to help you guys get the best-seated VIP table, at the heart of the party, as well as help you get into the club and wait in line. In addition to all this, our service is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

All Belgrade clubs have dance floors, BUT on dance floors in ALL CLUBS, there are bar and VIP tables all around. IAP, everywhere!

This would be the main difference between most clubs in Europe and clubs here in Belgrade.

So dancing and hanging out in Belgrade clubs is defiantly possible, but only on the dance floor while you have your table.
Be king of Belgrade night!
Vip tables 👑

Having a VIP desk in Belgrade, in addition to its expensive, lots of fun. The VIP tables offered at all Belgrade clubs are phenomenal tables at the heart of the party. You can invite anyone you want to your table and party Hard.

Don’t get confused, having a VIP desk in most cities around the world can be super boring because you would stay away from the action. In Belgrade, by contrast, you are in a party with a VIP table, connected with other people at the party and look like you are the king of the party because of your spot!

Don’t be surprised, people in Belgrade hang out around clubs and meet people and invite them to join their tables to have fun together.


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