Belgrade Beer Fest

Belgrade Beer Fest is an annual festival of beer, live music and all night partying. It started in 2003. It has quickly grown in size and popularity so that in 2004 it attracted over 70,000 foreign visitors to Belgrade and one year later it was the second most visited festival in Serbia with over 300000 visits.

The influential British magazine, “The Independent”, listed Belgrade Beer Fest as the most attractive events on the planet. After that it became clear that Belgrade Beer fest will become a unique trademark of the country’s capital.

After five years this pioneering venture grew into the most massive tourist tradition with over half a million visitors. Advertising several hundreds of the most famous Serbian and foreign beer brands, along with quality music and free entrance, represent the signature stamps of this manifestation.

Since the beginning of the Beer Fest, its audience enjoyed over 800 musical performances such as Simple Minds, Rudimental, CeeLo Green, Stereo MC’s, Marky Ramones and Blitzkrieg as well as regional stars such as Darko Rundek, Leibach, Hladno Pivo, Psihomodo Pop, Bajaga & Instruktori, Riblja Čorba, Rambo Amadeus, Prljavi inspektor Blaža i Kljunovi and KUD Idijoti.

Until today, over 500 beer brands found their way to the Beer Fest stands. Due to its incredible assortment and variety of offers, the festival truly represents heaven for those possessed of a disposition towards beer. Adding to its unique aura is the presence of a large number of representatives of the more and more popular craft brewery movement.

Just like most other global festivals, the Belgrade Beer Fest conducts campaigns with strong appeal to the social sphere. “Biram da recikliram” (My Choice is to Recycle), “Društvo, ko vozi kući?” (Guys, Who’ll Drive us Home?), actions committed to STD and AIDS prevention, “Kada pijem, ne vozim” (I Don’t Drink and Drive), the cooperation with the Red Cross and many other social movements.