It's 1 AM, and I'm sitting with 8 hot Instagram models in a Belgrade
boat club...

Flex Concierge that delivers

nightlife in belgrade


Find a wife

Wash a watch

Be a sugar daddy

We help people from all over the world to
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These are top 3 nightclubs in Belgrade, where we organise the best parties

Booking by our service you will get discount, depending of the package you choose

What types of tables do Belgrade clubs have?

leto club table

Bar table - from 100 €

-Standing table
-100e min spent
- Waiter

vip leto club

mini lounge - from 200 €

- Entry
- Small sofa
- Waiter
- 1 premium bottle

leto belgrade vip table

vip - 400

- Entry
- Sofa table
- Host
- Personal waiter
- 2 premium bottles

vip belgrade nightlife experience

Lux vip - 700 €

- VIP Entry
- Central biggest sofa
- Host
- Personal waiter
- 4 premium bottles

Every day I get messages like:
“Where is the best party in Belgrade?”,
“Which table do we have to book”, and many other questions...


After 2 more simple questions,
Ken decided to book the best VIP in the club


You are on the list, so you can enter the nightclub.

VIP Sofa

Comfortable sofa in VIP area.

3 premium bottles

2 premium bottles in start.

Personal waiter

Personal waiter just for you.

Beautiful girls

Beautiful girls around you.


Host to help if you need anything else in the club.

Take a look what happened with Ken this night later

"Laughing and drinking, and prices here are 10x cheaper than the same experience in Miami, dss Thanks Djole, for the time of my life!"

We arrange your full
VIP experience in Belgrade
for FREE

What!? How’s that even posible?

We do a business with all top nightclubs, restaurants, villas,
so we don't charge for our services.

They all give us same conditions, so we are always recommending the place which is really the best for that night.


Limo service

Private parties


Boat cruising

Airport pickup

“Expectation vs reality?
The reality exceeded my expectations so much that at one point I thought I was dreaming.
Take a look at how our guests party!
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Money back guarantee

In a case  you don’t like the club or you just want to leave,
we will refund all your money, to the last cent.