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These are top 3 nightclubs in Belgrade, where we organise the best parties

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What types of tables Belgrade nightclubs offers?

leto club table
Bar table - from 100 €

-Standing table
-1 bottle min spent
- Waiter

vip leto club
mini lounge - from 200 €

- Entry
- Small sofa
- Waiter
- 1 premium bottle

leto belgrade vip table
vip - 400

- Entry
- Sofa table
- Host
- Personal waiter
- 2 premium bottles

vip belgrade nightlife experience
MAIN vip - 600€

- VIP Entry
- Central big sofa
- Host
- Personal waiter
- 3 premium bottles

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belgrade nightlife
belgrade nightlife

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belgrade vip guest

You are on the list, so you can enter the nightclub.

VIP Sofa

Comfortable sofa in VIP area.

2 premium bottles

2 premium bottles on your choice

Personal waiter

Personal waiter just for you.

Beautiful girls

Beautiful girls around you.


Host to help if you need anything else in the club.

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Belgrade Nightlife


We offer the best discounts on bottle service in Belgrade nightclubs. You can see the most popular below. On request, we are creating special packages just for you and your friends.

hype. belgrade nightclub



belgrade nightlife vip table



vip belgrade nightlife experience

flex package


belgrade nightlife summer

summer package

-Private boat party
-Entry from boat to club
-Vip sofa
-4 premium bottles
-Gorgeous girls waiting for you
-No waiting in a line
-Personal waiter

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Vip tables in Belgrade night clubs 👑

Having a VIP table in Belgrade is not only expensive but also incredibly enjoyable. These VIP tables, available at all the clubs in Belgrade, offer an extraordinary experience right in the heart of the party. You have the freedom to invite anyone you desire to your table and party to your heart’s content.

Contrary to what you might expect in other cities, where having a VIP table can often be isolating and detached from the action, Belgrade offers a different vibe. When you have a VIP table here, you become an integral part of the party, connected with other people in the venue. You’ll feel like the king or queen of the party, commanding attention from your prime spot.

In Belgrade, it’s common for people to socialize around the clubs, meeting new acquaintances and inviting them to join their tables for a shared and fun experience.

Booking a VIP table is a breeze, and the service is both fast and free. You can easily secure your place at some of Belgrade’s most popular clubs by joining through us and even sign up for the guest list, all without any additional charges.

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Belgrade Nightlife - Ultimate Guide

The first thing you need to know about Belgrade’s nightlife
There are Winter and Summer clubs
The summer season starts in May and ends in October

The winter season lasts from October to the end of April.

All winter clubs have their own summer version.
At the beginning of May, when it thaws, everyone moves to the banks of the rivers.
Night clubs are on the water like floating boats, which are called rafts.

Here we will put a list of all summer and winter clubs.

TOP SUMMER Belgrade Night Clubs

Leto Nightclub

Leto Club in Belgrade embraces the spirit of a tropical oasis, providing a unique and captivating experience for all nightlife enthusiasts. In a remarkably short span of time, Leto has garnered attention from party lovers and emerged as a hotspot in the vibrant Belgrade nightlife scene. This achievement can be attributed to the presence of top-notch DJs who deliver exceptional performances that leave a lasting impression. As the night falls, Belgrade recognizes Leto as an essential destination, a place that simply cannot be missed for those seeking unforgettable clubbing experiences. With its immense potential, Leto has swiftly claimed its position at the pinnacle of the Belgrade clubbing scene, solidifying its reputation as a premier establishment.

leto belgrade night club

Lasta Nightclub

Lasta Nightclub, as one of the most popular rafts in Belgrade, adorns the banks of the Sava and is the right choice for those who want to experience real Belgrade clubbing and partying. This is not surprising considering that Lasta splav comes to us from the team of owners who sign the famous city clubs “Brankow”, “Mladost” and “Ludost” and by concept represents a kind of mixture of them.

All those whose goal is to enjoy the charms of the capital’s characteristic pastime, Lasta club offers that opportunity in combination with a superb atmosphere and a disarming ambiance. Book yourself a place on this raft and get ready for the ultimate pleasure.

lasta belgrade night club

Money Nightclub

If you have ever seen Money nightclub pictures, then you must have seen that young, urban people, lovers of real world-class entertainment gather here. All those who want to see and be seen come to Money Belgrade, which in a short time has become a kind of symbol for quality parties, because the raft’s music program has risen to the world level.

As we have already said, this club is regularly visited by a large number of foreigners, which only speaks in favor of the fact that Money Club Belgrade can definitely stand side by side with the best and most visited clubs around the world.

Excellent music, a great atmosphere and people full of positive energy are the reflection that the Money raft Belgrade reflects, and thus every night when parties are organized it attracts an increasing number of new people, who become loyal fans of this raft.

money belgrade night club
Freestyler Nightclub

The Freestyler nightclub is one of the first rafts that many will think of when they think of nightlife in Belgrade. Characteristic interior, top quality cocktails, party concept that has become a synonym for capital entertainment managed to transform an entire part of the city and create a special magic for which this Belgrade raft is “responsible”.

The raft Freestyler was opened more than a decade ago on the Sava Quay. Very soon after the opening, thanks to the great amount of positive energy that prevailed at Freestyler, the raft took one of the leading places in Belgrade’s nightlife.

Precisely because of that, but also for many other reasons, Belgrade at night Freestyler stands out as an unmissable destination for a crazy time. Freestyler bookings are available through our website in just a few clicks – take your company to an unforgettable time and experience the fun that clubbers all over Europe are looking forward to. Find out more about the Freestyler price list and what awaits you there on our website.

freestyler belgrade night club
TOP WINTER Belgrade Night Clubs
1. Hype Belgrade Nightclub

Hype Belgrade is a unique nightclub on the Belgrade scene that will knock you off your feet at the first song. The interior designed according to the highest world standards, the great sound and the incredible energy that reigns in the club will always get you on your feet.

The elegance of the interior is also reflected in the guests of the club, so here you will find elegance in every sense. Bright smiles and beautiful girls, good drinks and lighting for a great atmosphere will ensure that your time in Belgrade will be absolutely authentic and memorable.

hype belgrade night club
2. Bank Belgrade Nightclub

With The Bank club, Belgrade got its first real RnB club, so there is an emphasis on RnB music, which will be handled by experienced Belgrade DJs, known for excellent RnB and electro sets.

This genre of music is very popular not only among local clubbers, but also many visitors who come here to recharge their batteries and experience quality sets in an authentic setting.

bank belgrade night club
3. Freestyler Winter Stage

The Freestyler Winter Stage is the winter version of the Freestyler raft and from this winter, it is located in the Concrete Hall. It is widely known that the Freestyler, and henceforth the Freestyler Winter Stage, is the center of some of the best nightlife happenings. All the parties that take place in this place belong to the top of the world class with the best possible light show equipment and the best sound system.

After several decades of the best summer fun, an experienced team of managers decided to bring the same fun to the winter season. As always, they guarantee that Freestyler Winter Stage will always hold only the best parties when Belgrade clubbing is in question. Enjoy always the most popular house and rnb hits in the heart of Beton Hall.

bank belgrade night club

If you want to book immediately or see a list of all winter clubs in Belgrade, click on the link below

  • Belgrade’s nightlife scene undergoes a seasonal shift, transitioning between winter and summer. During the chilly winter months, the city is filled with fantastic indoor clubs, bars, and taverns where you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife. However, as spring approaches and the weather warms up, the renowned clubs close their doors and relocate to their summer venues on the riverside. These summer versions of the popular clubs, known as “splavovi,” maintain the same level of quality, service, and concept.

  • Splavovi, or river clubs, offer a unique experience with their spacious open areas, making them the ideal choice for enjoying warm summer nights. Most of these river clubs are situated along the Ušće quay and the pier behind the Belgrade Fair, providing a spectacular view at night.

  • Exploring the nightlife at the Belgrade river clubs during the summer season is an absolute must-do experience for anyone visiting the city. To ensure you make the most of your evening, it’s important to have a clear plan. You can check out, a comprehensive website that lists the greatest places to have fun in Belgrade once the sun sets. The website categorizes the venues nicely, making it easy to choose the one that suits your preferences. Once you’ve decided on a place, it’s crucial to call the provided number or make an online reservation to secure your spot. Without a reservation, there’s a high chance of being turned away at the door.

  • Reservations are particularly crucial, especially on weekends, as most establishments in Belgrade require them. This holds true even for popular venues like The Bank, Tarapana, Ona moja, and other nightclubs and taverns. If you arrive without a reservation, the likelihood of gaining entry becomes slim.

  • Among the most popular river clubs (splavs) in Belgrade are The Money, Lasta, Tag, and several others with Serbian music such as Port, Uzbuna, River, and more. These venues offer an exciting and dynamic atmosphere, attracting a diverse crowd seeking great music, entertainment, and memorable nights.

Remember, when exploring Belgrade’s nightlife, planning ahead and securing reservations are key to ensuring an unforgettable experience at the city’s most sought-after venues.